Meet Repair Hub

Repair Hub is our name for our remote repairs and diagnosis system that we offer to all of the clients ABSOLUTELY FREE!

We run through a list of checks and ensure that the fault is in fact a fault and does need our attendance.

We even guide the resident through basic repairs or adjustments in the software for example. Our tech allows us to talk via a browser ensuring that absolutely anyone with a phone can use it!

LSA Repair Hub
  • The resident reports the breakdown or issue to you
  • You send them the link we have previously provided and ask them to allow us an unrecorded video call of roughly five minutes
  • This is to speed up the repairs process or in a number of cases show the resident how to correctly use the system or guide them to carry out a very basic and safe repair.
LSA Repair Hub
  • We have a short and concise video call with the resident. Through Repair Hub we can use any of the major video calling apps
  • They will be asked to carry through a set of checks with a specialist engineer to try and fix the issue or help us identify the fault or any parts required.
LSA Repair Hub
  • On the call we will aim to get the fault sorted or show them how to use it correctly and in 11% of cases you wont require an engineer to attend at all
  • In almost 45% of cases using Repair Hub will cut up to a whopping 35% off the bill by getting an engineer on site with the correct part on the first visit
  • In 85% of cases using Repair Hub saves the residents time and you money by giving us all the info needed to get the jo9b done faster and saving you the client money.

Our estimations is on a site with a gate, intercom and access with 30 flats you would save 1 in 6 visits. That’s a mix of us helping the resident repair the issue and us been able to bring the parts required on the first visit and saving you a second visit.

Get in touch today and ask about how we can help whether you’re a new client or existing.

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24/7 Coverage

We have a 24/7 helpline for all our account customers that can be linked to your internal systems to ensure effortless continuity for any job that's outsourced to us. We have the same cover at 2am as we do at 2pm meaning we will be on-site in as little as an hour.

Our lines are manned by our engineers on a rota system, we do this to ensure whoever takes the call sends the right person. We believe this sets us apart from our competitors as we have a 100% repair or secure record. Some customers have decided to go a step further to take the strain off their staff. They have their out of hours lines patched straight through to us. Every morning they receive a report listing any issues that came up overnight and as all potential costs are pre-agreed, we can take care of out of hours issues without disturbing anyone. This is a part of our business that we really do believe sets us apart from our competitors. We never miss jobs, we are always on time and we always get the issue fixed or your premises secured.

Nationwide Coverage

We have engineers up and down the UK. This allows us to offer our clients unrivalled round the clock coverage. We have such good coverage that we often cover for our competitors when they can't get to one of their jobs.

We are based in Yorkshire but have engineers in every corner of the country. We have over 150 engineer's available day and night meaning our team can cover any job at any time in any place saving you the headache of calling round trying to get your jobs covered.

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24/7 Coverage

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